Thursday, February 8, 2007

Making Your Table Pretty

It doesn't take much to create a pleasing centerpiece. I laid out an eyelet tablecloth I found at a garage sale for 50 cents and filled an enamelware pot with Granny Smith apples.
A basket filled with pinecones is nice for the winter. I love bowls full of lemons and limes. I also love bringing nature inside and cut some greenery or small branches and put them in a hurricane vase. Or put some "flower money" in your food budget and pick up a pretty bouquet from your grocery store. White pillar candles always add warmth and beauty and can be bought regularly and inexpensively and placed in hurricane vases. Your family will appreciate the extra small touches you take to make the dinner table inviting, warm, and pretty. And you may then linger longer as you eat and enjoy some wonderful conversation and memories.
Here's to a pretty table...simply!

1 comment:

dorothy said...

So pretty, I just love enamelware! You've encouraged me to take out some of my pieces for dinner tonight.