Friday, February 9, 2007

Delicious Living

I picked up Delicious Living magazine from my local health food store and found an interesting article about how Japanese people keep their weight and eating under control.

"Japanese women have the greatest longevity on Earth and the lowest obesity levels in the developed world. You may think it's all in our genes, but when Japanese people shift to unhealthy foods and too-big portions, they get fat, just like I did. What's our secret to staying slender? Fresh seasonal foods prepared in the healthiest, simplest ways and served in modest portions on beautiful dishes--a style of celebrating food that lets the natural beauty and flavor of the ingredients shine through"

So not only does simple cooking, buying produce local, and basic beauty bring me kitchen happiness, it also means a healthier, celebratory lifestyle. All year long, the Japanese "eat with their eyes" not only their mouths. "We take time to enjoy the natural goodness and beauty of the food".

Here's to eating healthy, modest portions on beautiful dishes and taking the time to savor and admire the beauty of your meal!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, and add good rice as well as fish, (less - no red meat!) and lots of fresh fruits and greens.I read somewhere that the Japanese are getting more obese as they adopt western diets. Lord, keep up from McDonalds!